07 August, 2022

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Lab Practical of BSC Learners for Term End Practical Examination June 2021 (From 22nd to 24th September 2021)

15 September, 2021

Instructions for June 2021 Term End Practical Examination
  • 1.  Examinee must be in possession of valid IGNOU Identity Card during the examination (Note:- Those who have not Student Identity Card issued by the University will not be permitted to attend the Practical Exam)
  • 2.  The Examination Centers will implement the Social Distancing and other measures as per Government of India guidelines in current scenario of Covid-19 to ensure health and safety of the students.
  • 3.  Students are also required to adhere to the guidelines and maintain the Social Distancing and hygiene to ensure safety and health of their own and the fellow students.